About Ibstock plc

Ibstock plc is a leading manufacturer of clay bricks and concrete products with operations in the UK and the United States. Our principal products are clay bricks, brick components, concrete roof tiles, concrete stone masonry substitutes, concrete fencing, pre-stressed concrete products and concrete rail products. We are headquartered in the village of Ibstock in the East Midlands of Britain, where we were founded almost 200 years ago.

Ibstock Brick is the number one brick manufacturer in the UK with a market share of approximately 40% based on volume of bricks sold (excluding imports). Glen-Gery is the regional leader in the US with approximately market share of 24% in the Northeast and Midwest regions of the US based on volume of brick despatches.

We operate from 49 sites and 23 active quarries in the UK and ten sites and 29 active quarries covered by 20 active permits in the United States. We have a service-led ethos with many of our top customer relationships lasting over 40 years.

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